Benefits of Joining SWANA

As a member of the Kansas Sunflower Chapter, you will also receive the many benefits of being a member of SWANA, the largest association (approximately 6,700 members) of solid waste professionals in North America. SWANA offers a wide range of technical information through peer matching, publications, and training & certification programs. SWANA also offers a wide range of annual symposiums: Waste Reduction, Recycling & Composting, Landfill Gas, Waste-to-Energy, Landfill, Planning and Management.

Each Fall SWANA also holds Wastecon, the popular International Waste Exposition (with approximately 4,000 people attending each year) that includes an equipment show, technical sessions, and a social environment, which you will not want to miss.

You will receive monthly newsletters (MSW Solutions) and a full subscription to MSW Management Magazine, the authoritative industry journal read by more than 25,000 professionals. You'll also be eligible for other benefits including hotel and auto rental discounts.

By becoming a member of SWANA you will join the ranks of top professionals involved in all aspects of public and private sector solid waste management. If you have not become a member, join today on-line using your credit card at Just click on “SWANA store” and go to the membership section. You can also become a member by contacting our membership services team at 1-800-GO-SWANA (467-9262).